Frequently Asked Questions

What primary services do you offer?

Birthday Parties, Open Play, Play Dates, Field Trips, Fundraising, Summer camp trips.

What do you specialize in?

Indoor Inflatables and Playground
Children's amusement park
No outdoor rental only indoor facility

What are prices for various services offered?

Please click here to find out current prices, real time availabilities & book online. Please feel free to call us at 813.265.8000 in our business hours.
Please feel free send an inquiry by clicking here or to reach out on Facebook messenger.

Can my kids play without socks?

No. Regular socks are mandatory all the time to play. You do not have to purchase from us as these are just regular socks but if you do not have it we have those for you available for purchase.

How much I have to pay to book a slot for birthday party?

$100 + Sales Tax

Will deposit I pay to book birthday party slot be credited towards my final bill?


Is deposit I pay to book birthday party slot refundable?

No but you will get "store credit" for same amount you paid, valid for lifetime. 

What are your terms and conditions?

All birthday parties are total for 2 hours 20 mts. First 80 minutes towards play (you will not be allowed in party room during this time period) and then 60 minutes in private party room (no one else other than your party will be allowed in that party room during this time period).

What all decorations are included in party package?

None. Our tables doesn't have table cloths either and that is intentional (as we wouldn't know which color your kids like) so we can put on whichever you bring or purchase onsite. 

Will I get room earlier than my party start time?

No, in fact you will not get room until after 30-40 Mts of party of start time as first 80 Mts of your party are 'Play time' not 'Private Party Room time'. 

Can I drop off my kid and pickup later?

No. We do not allow drop off.

Can I rent an inflatable from you?

No. We do not rent out but just an indoor facility.

Can I bring outside food?

You may bring outside food at additional one time flat fee of $50 but it has to be finger food and cannot be pizzas.

Can I bring outside beverages?

No. We strictly do not allow any outside beverages. You should be able to purchase whatever you need onsite.

What type of decorations are allowed?

Balloons, table cloths, theme related paper goods, cake tower, etc. Nothing on walls or ceilings (can make an exception of 1 banner on wall). No piñatas, silly strings or confetti. If room requires additional cleaning there will be additional $25 cleaning fee would be applied.

Is smoking allowed in any area of the building?

No. Not near 10 feet of building. Please no vape or e-cigarettes within building either.

What is maximum age you allow?

12 years

Will play area be shared with others while I have my party going on?


Will party room be shared with others while I have my party going on?


When is the latest time I can inform to reschedule/ cancel my party?

Please let us know at least 24-48 hours if any changes around timings.

Would I be allowed to go on inflatables with my kid?

Not unless you are rescuing your kid/ making your kid comfortable in the beginning of play.

How many adults/ parents are allowed with a kid?

Usually 2 to 3. If you have more than that please talk to front desk about the options.

How much of play time and how much of party room time I will be getting?

As soon as you will arrive to facility your play area time will start = for first 80 Mts. 
Once you are done playing your 60 Mts of party room time will start.

Can my kids continue to play even if party is over?

1. You can always pay daily admission and stay.
2. As a party mom/ dad you may pay for extra time (at the discretion of the facility) 

Is there any extra charge to bring cake/ cup cakes if I have booked a party?


I am a summer camp coordinator/ daycare administrator/ social media group administrator and would like to host a field trip/ play date/ fundraiser would I be able to?

Absolutely. Please call us at 813.265.8000 or send an email at [email protected] to find out current specials for your group.

I have reserved a party can I get printed invitation cards?

Yes. Please feel free to pick up from location anytime after you have booked your event.

Will I get any free food if I have reserved a party?

Yes, regardless which package you book and on which day of the week, each kid will get 1 slice of pizza on us.

Are there any free drinks included with party package?

Yes, regardless which package you book and on which day of the week, each kid will get a juice box/ water bottle.

Will Bounce House provide paper goods?

Yes, if you have booked a party package all paper goods will be provided.

Is outside food allowed for walk-ins?

Not unless you pay $50 flat fee and it has to be finger food.

Are outside drinks allowed for walk-ins or birthday parties?

No outside beverages please. Not including outside water bottles.

What if I have extra kids from the party package I originally booked?

Each kid will be charged at $15+ Sales Tax extra.